Still Life with My mother's Camellia and Mokohinau Black Coral 2011.jpeg
Still Life with Pearls and Whangai Karoro 2011.jpeg
Still Life with Freud and Puriri 2012.jpeg
e-Still Life with Wild Wheat and Freesias_2011_1219.jpeg
Still life with Seaweed and Lemons 2011.jpeg
Still Life with Figs, Passionfruit and Magnolia Blossom2012.jpeg
Still Life with Hemlock and Dice 2011.jpeg
Still Life with Ti Kouka Flower and Heitiki 2011.jpeg
Still Life with Karaka Drupes and Gecko Skin 2012.jpeg
Still Life with Paper Nautilus and Plum 2012.jpeg
Still Life with Takahikare Wings and Blackberry Wine2011.jpeg
StillLife with Kowhai and Aracana Eggs2011.jpeg
StillLifewithBluff Rock andDeadHibiscus11.jpeg
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