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 Michael Zavros  White Fox  2015
 Michael Zavros  Brontosaurus  2015
 Billy Apple®
 Whitney Bedford  Echec D'Or  2014- 2015 
 Alicia Frankovich  Becoming Public: Actor , 2015 &  The Female has Undergone Several Manifestations , 2015
 Gavin Hipkins  Empire (Track)  2007
 Jin Jiangbo  Dripping  2015
 Seung Yul Oh  TongRoh  2015
 Laith McGregor
 Fiona Pardington  Davis Kea Wings (below)  2015
 Fiona Pardington  Still Life with Nasturtiums in a Crystal Vase and an Unknown Organic Object, Ripiro  2013
 Grant Stevens  Particle Wave  2013
 Gordon Walters  Untitled  1988
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 Trenton Garratt  Kensington  2015
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