A win-win solution for the Melbourne's Haring mural?

A win-win solution for the Melbourne's Haring mural?

Keith Haring's last surviving mural in Australia is at the centre of an ongoing conservation v. repainting debate. Conservators say the work, which is showing the effects of time and neglect, should be preserved and they should be given every opportunity to save or improve on the current quality of the original paint – or at least keep it intact until conservation technology catches up with the problems.

Others say the mural should be repainted because it is in line with the artist's wishes. “It is more important that the work conveys Keith's ideals and respect for communities in which he worked, rather than to preserve a brushstroke”, says Keith Haring Foundation director, Julia Gruen.

In a recent article published in The Art Newspaper, Will Shank makes the case for conservation, but he also suggests a compromise – to let conservators proceed with preserving the original and run with a faithful copy nearby. Read more…

Images: Keith Haring working on his Melbourne mural and a detail of the work showing the effects of time, neglect and the elements