Ai Weiwei & Uli Sigg co-curate Shanshui with Peter Fischer

Ai Weiwei & Uli Sigg co-curate Shanshui with Peter Fischer

Jin Jiangbo is amongst the artists represented in Shanshui, Poetry without Sound? at the Museum of Art Lucerne. Curated by Ai Weiwei, Peter Fischer and Uli Sigg, Shanshui looks at the relationship Chinese contemporary art has shaped to its own tradition through the lens of landscape painting.

The exhibition combines 70 works from the Sigg collection, all dated between 1994 to 2011, some, like Jin Jiangbo's piece, commissioned for the exhibition. In addition to international stars like Ai Weiwei, Huang Yan, Liu Wei, Qiu Shihua and Zhou Tiehai, a younger generation of artists are present, including a significant number of women: Chen Ke, Hu Liu, Li Xi and Ni Youyu amongst others. Read more…
The exhibition is accompanied by book dedicated to Ai Weiwei whose whereabouts was unknown at the time of printing.
Image: Cover of Shanshui, Poetry without Sound? Landscape in Chinese Contemporary Art, published by the Museum of Art Lucerne