An Audio Tour Through Berlin by Karin Sander

An Audio Tour Through Berlin by Karin Sander

In its series of artist-curated shows, Temporare Kunsthalle Berlin is presenting Zeigen. An Audio Tour Through Berlin by Karin Sander, a project featuring works by more than 400 Berlin-based artists, including Dane Mitchell.

“Inside the Kunsthalle, visitors find only the names of participating artists, marked on the walls around the space in the manner of exhibition labels. The works themselves remain invisible—at first glance, the room appears to be empty. Evading the usual exhibition format and the expectations associated with it, Karin Sander invited fellow artists to translate their own work into an acoustic piece, thus rendering it 'visible'. The very different realizations—performed, sung, spoken, recited—can be accessed individually via an audio guide. For the audience, this opens up a level of perception which leads from the familiar visual approach to artworks towards an auditory, imaginative experience, offering scope for different mental visualizations.” Temporare Kunsthalle Berlin release
The exhibition runs from 5 December 2009 to 10 January 2010.

Image: Temporare Kunsthalle Berlin in July 2009, © Temporare Kunsthalle Berlin, photograph Benjamin Pritzkuleit