Colin Chinnery on the future of ShContemporary

Colin Chinnery on the future of ShContemporary

This link takes you to an interview with Colin Chinnery on the future of ShContemporary. He talks about rethinking the art fair in a post-recession climate, the emerging Chinese art market, mixing up the regional art DNA and the moves he is making with ShContemporary such as the Discoveries section featuring challenging work not necessarily suitable for the market. He says his goal is not to make ShContemporary different from other fairs, but rather to be looking at what is necessary at this point in time for an art fair in China, and to address those issues.

For instance his new Collectors Development Programme (introduced in 2009) aims to help new Chinese collectors find their way into the market without being taken advantage of. It's described as a three-step approach beginning with the “Knowledge” stage which involves classes and seminars where people are introduced to the basics of art, art history and the art market. The second step is to get them “Inspired” through contact with artists, gallerists and experienced collectors. The third step focuses on “Practice”, which gives budding collectors various ways of entering the market through art fairs, galleries and auctions.
Chinnery brings a novel background to his directorship of Shanghai's international art fair. He worked as chief curator and deputy director of the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art in Beijing and he is also an artist and a founding member of the artist collective Complete Art Experience Project, which includes high-profile artists such as Qiu Zhijie and Liu Wei.
The next edition of ShContemporary the Asia Pacific Art Fair takes place from 9 – 12 September 2010.
Image: Colin Chinnery, director of ShContemporary the Asia Pacific Art Fair