On the Grounds

Hana Aoake
Billy Apple  
Fiona Clark
Ayesha Green
Gil Hanly
Ngahuia Harrison
David Hatcher
Ana Iti
John Miller
Fiona Pardington
John Pule
John Reynolds
Natalie Robertson
Peter Robinson
Salome Tanuvasa
The Estate of L. Budd  
Matavai Taulangau
Matthew Ward

Co-conceived by Bridget Riggir-Cuddy and Misal Adnan Yıdız

On the grounds … We are on our grounds … And the ground is shaking. It is precarious, it is transforming, and it promises horizons. Politically speaking, we are experiencing urgent transitions in our understandings of (home)land, borders, territory, belongingness, natural resources, environment, and earth. Everything is changing at the same time. Everything is absent in being, and present in becoming. The world is sinking. Or we rise together. Are we together in this?

Some exhibitions make themselves. Sometimes exhibitions decide to happen in their ontologies, and like Fluxus, they drop into our realities through the air. They are contagious, they are literally “communicable by contact”. They can spring from a source greater than individual curators or practitioners. Regarding the common space we share through curating, On the Grounds has often felt this way. As if a force greater than history, the artists, writers, activists, the people – perhaps whenua itself – urged us into this composition.

Picturing or knowing the land has historically been used as a device to forge our national identity. Our apparently “empty” land is commonly represented through a colonial lens in the service of identity-building. Such a colonial perspective privileges controlling and shaping the land over allowing the land to shape oneself. We have investigated a gap, a necessity, an urgency to bring together our collective references, understandings, and unique relationships with our location. We let the location go abstract.

We propose to unlearn our privileges. Whenua is a life-force: it defines us, and how we survive and relate to each other. It is whakapapa and our history. As Tau Iwi curators, we have been influenced by local, authentic, and sensitive ways of relating to the land. On the Grounds has been formed by these ways. We are inspired by the tangata whenua and their generosity and hospitality. We respect their spirits, hear their whispers and feel their minds. It is our hope that the greater force of whenua, beyond each individual practitioner, is present within these walls.

Welcome to our grounds. 

Special thanks: Artspace NZ, Gow Langsford Gallery, Hopkinson Mossman, Michael Lett Gallery, RM gallery, and ST PAUL St Gallery





Layla Rudneva-Mckay | I Roll

15 February 2022 - 19 March 2022

Fiona Pardington | Tarota

16 November – 18 December 2021

Fiona Pardington | Tarota Preview

5 October – 7 October 2021

Jan van der Ploeg | The Other Window

17 August – 12 October 2021

Laith McGregor | Second Wind

3 July 2021 – 7 August 2021

Richard Maloy | Maternal Routine

3 June - 19 June 2021

The Auckland Art Fair 2021

24.02 - 28.02

Will Cooke | Every Wall Is A Door

15 January 2021 - 13 February 2021

Whitney Bedford - Bohemia

Seung Yul Oh: Horizontal Loop

John Reynolds: RocksInTheSky...

For Pink Pussycat Club | as part of THE BILL

Fiona Pardington | Childish Things

Seung Yul Oh memmem

Rebecca Baumann Once More With Feeling


The Armory Show 2010 | 1001 Nights
an installation by John Reynolds

Art LA Contemporary 2010

ShContemporary 2008 | Gavin Hipkins, Hye Rim Lee, Jae Hoon Lee and Grant Stevens

Jonny Niesche | Poikilos | 17 November - 22 December



Performative Geographies

Sampler 2020

Gordon Walters: From the Archive

Richard Maloy

Rebecca Baumann: New Work

Jan van der Ploeg | The Other Window | 17 August to 12 October

the artists in conversation, The Estate of L. Budd et al.

Art of Wine

Billy Apple® and Tāme Iti: Flagged

Clinton Watkins

Yuk King Tan

Sampler 2019

TIKI: Orphans of Māoriland



Ani O'Neill

Laith McGregor | Second Wind | July 3 - August 7

Alicia Frankovich

Martin Basher: Untitled

The Estate of L.Budd_et al.

Gavin Hipkins: Block Units

John Stezaker: Collages

Grant Stevens - The Mountain and the Waterfalls

Gordon Walters



Len Lye: Love Springs Eternal

Richard Maloy | Things I have Seen

Michael Zavros | The Silver Fox

Martin Basher | Devil at the Gates of Heaven

Daniel von Sturmer, Luminous Figures

Martin Basher | Hawaiian Tropic

Nabokov's Blues: The Charmed Circle

John Reynolds 2017

BIll Henson | 1985 -2021 | 21 May - 19 June

On the Grounds

Billy Apple

Beyond Landscape

John Reynolds | WalkWithMe...

Laith McGregor | Swallow the Sun

Matt Henry | Analogues

Daniel Crooks | Vanishing Point

Material Candour 2016

Fiona Pardington | 100% Unicorn

Layla Rudneva-Mackay: Running Towards Water

Martin Basher Birds of Paradise | 13 April - 14 May

Clinton Watkins | lowercase

Whitney Bedford 2016 | Lost and Found

Alicia Frankovich | The Female has Undergone Several Manifestations

Fiona Pardington | The Popular Recreator

Gavin Hipkins | Block Paintings

Gordon Walters: Gouaches and a Painting from the 1950s

In Motion

Laith McGregor | Somewhere Anywhere

Starkwhite Queenstown | New Location

TOTEM | A Starkwhite exhibition curated by Mary Morrison

Group Show

Martin Basher | Jizzy Velvet

John Reynolds BLUTOPIA

Gavin Hipkins Erewhon

Grant Stevens Hold Together, Fall Apart

Michael Zavros Bad Dad

Not Another Art Fair | 24 February -3 April


Layla Rudneva-Mackay


Glen Hayward I don't want you to worry about me

Matt Henry High Fidelity

Richard Maloy All the things I did by Richard Maloy

Li Xiaofei

John Reynolds Vagabondage

Clinton Watkins Frequency Colour

BAZINGA! curated by Robert Leonard

Starkwhite Queenstown 29 January - 26 February

Whitney Bedford: This for That

Jin Jiangbo: Rules of Nature

Martin Basher

Billy Apple®: $9,020 AND $5,750 TOP UPS

Jim Speers Long Days

Ross Manning: Field Emmissions

Peter Peryer Edition

Jae Hoon Lee Antarctic Fever

Greetings from Los Angeles curated by Brian Butler

Seung Yul Oh HUGGONG