Experiments in Celluloid

Experiments in Celluloid

Experiments in Celluloid screens at Artspace, 300 Karangahape Road, on Thursday 6 August from 7.30pm. Curated by Derek Gehring and Nova Paul for Floating Cinema and The Film Archive, it provides an opportunity to see some rare and groundbreaking films by Phil Dadson, David Blyth, Gregor Nicholas and Alex Monteith.

Phil Dadson's EARTHWORKS is described as a simultaneous performance / recording event – co-incident with autumn and spring equinixes – to be realised at 1800 hours G.M.T, at 15 diverse locations on the 23/24th of September 1971, aiming to capture a temporary instant in the continuum of universal ebb and flow. Eight of the fifteen recipients of invitations to participate responded and performed the instructions to shoot stills and make a synchronised audio recording. The New Zealand part in the 10 minute event, at 6.00 am sunrise, on the volcanic plateau, was filmed continuously onto 16mm film, into which stills from other locations were later edited. The audio track is an unedited mix of tape-recordings.
You can visit Phil Dadson's website here.
Images: Phil Dadson, EARTHWORKS, 1971/72, 16mm film (also available as video version)