Grant Stevens: Burst at PICA

Grant Stevens: Burst at PICA

PICA (Perth) is presenting a trilogy of video works by Grant Stevens developed in response to his time in Los Angeles. If things Were Different (2009), Crushing (2009) and Really Really (2007) “…oscillate between the fanciful and romantic to the abrasively cynical by drawing on tropes of Hollywood film, advertising or bad day-time TV and purposefully mishandle media devices of editing, framing, cropping, and incorporating text or muzak”. PICA website

The artist who now lives and works between Queensland and California explains that “…unpacking and testing out these ambiguities and ambivalences are what drive me to make art – to try and make works that draw you in while making you feel uncomfortable or unsure about what you are looking at.” Eyeline 2008)
Grant Stevens: Burst runs at PICA until 5 April 2010.
Image: Grant Stevens, If Things Were Different, 2009, digital video, 18 min 17 sec, edition of 5