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Fiona Pardington | The Pressure Of Sunlight Falling


In a time before photography, European explorers of the Pacific sought alternative methods to capture and convey the likeness of the people they met so far away from their homes. An eerie yet accurate method was found in creating life casts of Māori and Pacific peoples’ heads to then be displayed like shells of being in museums oceans away. Known for her transcendental creations, Fiona Pardington voyages across space and time to reclaim the life casts and the people behind them, including her own Kāi Tahu ancestors, through photography and the help of leading scholars of Pacific art and history. A fascinating, engaging record of art which is an artwork in itself by the extraordinary Fiona Pardington.

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Otago University Press, 2011
Pages: 160
Specs: 33.0 x 24.5cm
IBSN: 9781877578090