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Michael Zavros Manuscript

Published by Manuscript and in association with Starkwhite and Philip Bacon Galleries, the first monograph on Zavros’ work  launches in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and ACT. The book contains contributions by Rhana Deveport, Chris Saines, Robert Leonard and Laurence Simmons.

Well known for his hyper-realistic paintings, and more recently for photography, sculpture, film and performance, the work of Michael Zavros has been collected by major museums and private collections the world over. In this stunning debut monograph are more than 120 beautifully reproduced works, as well as essays from some of the art world’s leading figures.

Lavishly produced, this tome beautifully captures the public’s fascination with artists as celebrities, elucidating what is at the core of his creativity. Included in the book are the various bodies of work that make up Zavros’ broad artistic practice, including his interest in still-life arrangements, self- portraiture, men’s fashion, Greek mythology and gilded interior design. Quotes from and interviews with the artist are peppered throughout, further shedding light on the methods and ideas behind his standout, award-winning work.

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Manuscript Publishing in association
with Starkwhite and Philip Bacon Galleries, 2017
Pages: 210
Specs: 33 x 26cm
ISBN: 9780648059806