ShContemporary: a new initiative

ShContemporary: a new initiative

This year, ShContemporary has created a specialised team whose purpose is to engage with emerging collectors in China and create fresh networking opportunities through The Collectors Development Programme (CDP). Through their partners, who represent China's fast emerging affluent sector of society, ShContemporary is reaching out to potential and emerging collectors.

Fair director Colin Chinnery says: “We have resources far larger than those of individual galleries or independent advisors, and we are putting these resources to use all year round instead of just the few days during the annual fair, to create a platform that can really make a long-term difference in the Chinese contemporary art market.”
The CDP was launched at ShContemporary on 10 September with a gala dinner attended by nearly 300 collectors, the fair's CDP partners and all of the exhibiting galleries.
Image from the ShContemporary website: Insane Park, Louis Vuitton, courtesy Godo Gallery