Shigeru Ban's post-disaster zone project for Christchurch

Shigeru Ban's post-disaster zone project for Christchurch

Architect Shigeru Ban is known for his post-disaster zone design projects, such as his temporary housing project underway in Onagawa, one of the coastal communities devastated on 11 March by the earthquake and tsunami that left 3,800 of its 4,500 homes partially, if not completely damaged.
Ban has also designed a massive temporary building to replace the historic cathedral in the quake-ravaged city of Christchurch. The 9700-square-foot building's A-frame sanctuary will seat 700 worshippers. Topping the structure will be a massive pitched roof made of cardboard tubes and covered with polycarbonate sheets that will allow daylight into the building. Shipping containers filled with earthquake rubble will form the base of the building.
The temporary cathedral is scheduled to open on 22 February, the one-year anniversary of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that claimed 181 lives and left much of the city in ruins.
Ban talks about his work and the cathedral project tonight at Auckland University's Design Theatre (Symonds Street) at 6pm.
Image: model of Shigeru Ban's temporary cathedral to be built in the city of Christchurch