Sol LeWitt's gift economy

Sol LeWitt's gift economy

The story of Sol LeWitt's exchanges with other artists is widely known and all of the works he received through these exchanges are held in the Sol LeWitt Private Collection. For LeWitt, the act of exchange was an integral part of his conceptual practice, one that challenged the artworld's dominant economic model through a gift economy.
The process of exchange will be explored in a two-part MASS MoCA/Cabinet exhibition curated by Regine Basha who says: “If we consider the process of exchange as another of Sol LeWitt's instructional pieces, then the rational (or irrational) thing to do is to continue to exchange work and ideas, if only symbolically with him.”
The exhibition proceeds from a call to those who share an affinity with Sol LeWitt's legacy as a conceptual artist, to those who knew him and those who did not – to anyone who has ever wondered “What would Sol LeWitt Like?”
Gifts to Sol LeWitt can take the form of an image, an object, a piece of music, or a film. Books, ephemera and other non-perishable items are also welcome. All contributions to the project will be exhibited at either Cabinet or MASS MoCA.
You can find out more about An Exchange with Sol LeWitt by emailing Regine Basha at
Image: Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing at the MCA Sydney, 1998