Summer Lovers at Starkwhite

Summer Lovers at Starkwhite

Starkwhite's 2014 season begins with Lovers, a late-summer group show organized by gallery artist Martin Basher.

Picking up on the semantic slippage of the show's title, Lovers is a paean to beauty for the romantic viewer and illicit assignation with visual pleasure for the serious conceptualist. Featuring work by eleven of Basher's New Zealand and American contemporaries along with Basher himself, Lovers hones in on the physical and tactile elements of the work by this varied and inter-generational group, finding material and conceptual affinities connecting work otherwise separated by geography, time and conceptual focus. Lovers is a show with the tenor of sunsets, long cocktails, and holidays drawing to a close, and in this atmosphere, the works in the show find intimate common ground in the visceral and sensate, their relationships immediate and intense; summer lovers for a month.

Lovers includes works by Kevin Appel (US), Martin Basher (NZ/US), Whitney Bedford (US), Tamar Halpern (US), Amy Howden-Chapman (NZ/US), Kate Newby (NZ/US), Peter Nicholls (NZ), Brie Ruais (US), Layla Rudneva-Mackay (NZ), David Scanavino (US) and Gordon Walters (NZ).

The exhibition runs to 6 March 2014.
Image: Whitney Bedford, Love Note.1, mixed media on canvas, 10.5 x 14 in., 2014. Photo Evan Bedford