The Obstinate Object

The Obstinate Object

Last Friday, Trenton Garratt and Clinton Watkins staged their performance Transcode across two sites connected by a live video feed as part of the exhibition The Obstinate Object at the City Gallery Wellington. At Massey University's Engine Room gallery, Garratt pulled apart a porcelain version of his sculpture, Our House, from which the resulting sound was directed live via telephone to the City Gallery where Watkins captured the sound onto magnetic tape.

The remnants of the porcelain sculpture will remain at the Engine Room for three more weeks after which the sculpture's only presence art the City Gallery will be the charged magnetic tape hanging from the foyer gallery wall. A video recording of the performance will start playing today on monitors located at the entrance to the City Gallery.

You can view the performance online here.
Image: Trenton Garratt & Clinton Watkins, Transcode, (video Still), City Gallery Wellington (2012). image Shaun Waugh