Tintoretto at the Venice Biennale

Tintoretto at the Venice Biennale

Three Tintoretto masterpieces will be included in this year's ILLUMinations exhibition at the Venice Biennale. They are The Stealing of the Dead Body of St Mark, the Creation of the Animals and the Last Supper.
Tintoretto's work has been acknowledged source of inspiration for the exhibition since its theme was first announced in October. Curator Bice Curiger sees commonalities between the Venetian master's quest and a lot of contemporary art practice that tilts against convention. “Tintoretto too was worried about overturning the conventions of his time, through the near reckless approach to composition that overturns the well-defined classical order of the Renaissance”, she says.
In return for the loan of the paintings, the biennale foundation will fund the restoration of the three works.
Image: Tintoretto's The Stealing of the Dead Body of St Mark