Urban Divas

Urban Divas

Living Room 2010 will be launched on Friday 9 April at 6.15pm at the Auckland waterfront (Pier 3 Quay Street) with programmed performances including Urban Divas, a collaborative work by artist Phil Dadson and choreographer Carol Brown. In this piece a roving chorus inhabits a series of civic spaces within the central business district of Auckland through body movement, voice and sonic props. Arriving unannounced at pre-determined times and places, they will perform short choreographic interventions and loud, sonic interjections that resonate through the public sites.
Urban Diva places/times:
Friday 9 April, Living Room launch 6.15pm, from Pier 3, Quay Street
Saturday 10 April, 2.00pm from Pier 3, Quay Street
Tuesday 13 April, 12.30 from Freyberg Place
Thursday 15 April, 2.00pm, from Pier 3, Quay Street
Saturday 17 April, 12.30pm, from Freyberg Place
And on Saturday 10 April at 11.00am Phil Dadson presents an artist's talk at Art Station on Ponsonby Road.
This link takes you to the full Living Room 2010 programme.
Image: courtesy Phil Dadson