Exhibition Type: Group Show

Melbourne Art Fair 2024

For the 2024 edition of the Melobourne Art Fair, 1301SW and STARKWHITE present a significant group of artworks by Tim Bučković, Simryn Gill, Bill Henson, Jonny Niesche, Fiona Pardington, Jelena Telecki, Coen Young, and Michael Zavros. Underpinned by a particular type of emotive atmosphere played out in foggy abstraction alongside motifs and concepts surrounding nature, Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Rebecca Baumann, Paul Davies, Bill Henson, Gemma Smith, Jonny Niesche | Whispering Gums

Starkwhite is delighted to welcome Australian painter Paul Davies to Queenstown. Paul will discuss his practice, process, and influences at 4pm, Saturday 21 January 2023. For further inquiries please contact kelly@starkwhite.co.nz. In December and January Starkwhite Queenstown presents an exhibition of Australian artists Rebecca Baumann, Paul Davies, Bill Henson, Jonny Niesche, and Gemma Smith. Offering an Rebecca Baumann, Paul Davies, Bill Henson, Gemma Smith, Jonny Niesche | <em/>Whispering Gums</em>

Whitney Bedford | This for That

Starkwhite is pleased to present This for That, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Whitney Bedford from 9 April to 4 May 2013. There is a mercurial quality to Whitney Bedford’s work. Her paintings have a compositional turbulence and a distinctly ominous air – their listing ships, heavy seas, detached icebergs, temperamental landscapes and low horizons Whitney Bedford | <em>This for That</em>

Jin Jiangbo | Rules of Nature

Starkwhite is pleased to present Rules of Nature by Shanghai-based artist Jin Jiangbo from 8 March to 4 April 2013. The exhibition is presented in association with the Auckland Arts Festival 2013. Blending imagery and sounds from traditional Chinese art forms with new-media technology, Jin Jiangbo’s piece is executed in the manner of shanshui ink-and-wash paintings, an Jin Jiangbo | <em>Rules of Nature</em>

Martin Basher | Solo Exhibition

Starkwhite is pleased to launch its 2013 programme with a solo exhibition by Martin Basher, which runs from 5 February to 2 March. In this exhibition, Basher continues his longstanding investigation into the ways which representations of the utopic and the sublime function in contemporary consumer society. Focusing on the use of imagery in commercial Martin Basher | <em>Solo Exhibition</em>

Ross Manning | Field Emissions

Starkwhite is pleased to present Field Emissions by Brisbane-based artist Ross Manning, from 26 November to 22 December 2012. The artist will launch the exhibition with a sonic performance on Sunday 25 November (time to be announced). Update: the exhibition will be extended to run for an extra week from 15 – 22 January 2013 In Field Emissions, Ross Manning | <em/>Field Emissions</em>

Jae Hoon Lee | Antarctic Fever

18 September to 13 October 2012 Starkwhite is pleased to present Antarctic Fever by Korean-born, New Zealand-based artist Jae Hoon Lee from 18 September to 13 October 2012. The works in Antarctic Fever add to the body of work created by Jae Hoon Lee over the past decade that engage the natural sublime and the technological sublime; that conflate high-tech artifice Jae Hoon Lee | <em/>Antarctic Fever</em>

Curated by Brian Butler | Greetings from Los Angeles: Eight Artists

Starkwhite is pleased to present Greetings from Los Angeles, an exhibition curated by Brian Butler. Like a postcard which arrives in the letterbox, Greetings from Los Angeles is from a place, but it does not mean the sender or thoughts are solely from that place. The contemporary art world is spoken of as a transnational and trans-cultural space, Curated by Brian Butler | <em/>Greetings from Los Angeles: Eight Artists</em>


The Analysis of Billy Apple® stages the latest development in a ground breaking project that challenges our definitions of life and highlights cultural issues arising from the use and ownership of body tissue and genetic information. It is a further development of The Immortalisation of Billy Apple®, a project by artist Billy Apple and scientist/artist Craig Hilton <em>THE ANALYSIS OF BILLY APPLE®</em>

Curated by Martin Basher | Lovers

Kevin Appel (US), Martin Basher (NZ/US), Whitney Bedford (US), Tamar Halpern (US), Amy Howden-Chapman (NZ/US), Kate Newby (NZ/US), Peter Nicholls (NZ), Brie Ruais (US), Layla Rudneva-Mackay (US), David Scanavino (US) and Gordon Walters (NZ). Starkwhite is pleased to start the 2014 season with Lovers, a late-summer group show curated by gallery artist Martin Basher. Picking up Curated by Martin Basher | <em/>Lovers</em>

Glen Hayward | I don’t want you to worry about me

Starkwhite is pleased to present I don’t want you to worry about me, I have met some Beautiful People, a project produced by Glen Hayward during his Rita Angus Residency in 2012 and exhibited at the City Gallery Wellington and Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu’s project space in 2013. Hayward is known for his sculptures Glen Hayward | <em>I don’t want you to worry about me</em>

Layla Rudneva-Mackay | Blue Squares, Purple Pairs

Starkwhite is pleased to present Blue Squares, Purple Pairs by Layla Rudneva-Mackay from 17 March to 12 April 2014. With this exhibition, Rudneva-Mackay presents a new suite of paintings of flowers reflecting her interest in what it means to show someone something rather than telling them. The act of observation and its material expression demands a radical Layla Rudneva-Mackay | <em>Blue Squares, Purple Pairs</em>

Matt Henry | High Fidelity

Starkwhite is pleased to present High Fidelity by Matt Henry from 16 November to 14 December 2013. In his first solo show at Starkwhite, Henry assembled a small group of paintings and sculptures reflecting his interest in art, design and consumerism. Installed in two galleries, each the mirror image of the other, the exhibition played on the Matt Henry | <em>High Fidelity</em>

Richard Maloy | All the things I did

Starkwhite is pleased to present All the things I did by Richard Maloy, a project developed with the support of Creative New Zealand, from 4 – 30 November 2013 Richard Maloy’s first solo exhibition at Starkwhite consists of a suite of studio spaces typical of Western art schools in recent times. A closer look, however, reveals this to Richard Maloy | <em>All the things I did</em>

Li Xiaofei | Assembly Line – Entrance

Starkwhite is pleased to present Assembly Line – Entrance by Li Xiaofei from 3 -26 October 2013. Li Xiaofei (b. 1973) is a Chinese artist who lives and works in Shanghai. He graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and is the founder and director of the Creek Art Center, Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC) Shanghai, Li Xiaofei | <em>Assembly Line – Entrance</em>

Clinton Watkins | Frequency Colour

Starkwhite is pleased to present Frequency Colour by Clinton Watkins from 25 July to 16 August 2013. A new work created for, and in reply to the distinctive characteristics of the Starkwhite gallery, Frequency Colour embraces the concept of space. Responding to the clean lines, pillars and sightlines of the gallery, Frequency Colour immerses the audience and manipulates their experience and Clinton Watkins | <em>Frequency Colour</em>

Curated by Robert Leonard | BAZINGA!

11 May – 8 June 2013 IMA Director Robert Leonard has curated an exhibition for Starkwhite to coincide with the opening of the Auckland Triennial in May. Titled Bazinga!-the notorious catchphrase of Dr Sheldon Cooper from the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory-the show will explore a geek sensibility in recent Australian art. It features work that touches Curated by Robert Leonard | <em/>BAZINGA!</em>

Arnold Manaaki Wilson, Billy Apple® | TOTEM | curated by Mary Morrison

ARNOLD MANAAKI WILSON, Ngāi Tuhoe, Ngāti Tarawhai and Scottish descent (1928–2012) Haumia, Rangitiina and Tiiniia, 1980 Three pou whenua Painted wood (height from the left) 2,390  2,520  2,240mm BILLY APPLE, NZ/USA (1935–, rebranded 1962) AC/DC (Artist’s Cut / Dealer’s Cut), 2015 Two painted columns The Divine Proportion, 1996 Pigment ink on archival paper 594 x Arnold Manaaki Wilson, Billy Apple® | <em>TOTEM</em> | curated by Mary Morrison

Martin Basher | Jizzy Velvet

3 February – 14 March 2015 Starkwhite is pleased to debut its 2015 season with a new exhibition by Martin Basher titled Jizzy Velvet. The New York-based artist will present a series of large-scale paintings on canvas and cardboard, along with new sculptural works referencing store-display and retail architecture. Rendered primarily in black and white, the Martin Basher | <em>Jizzy Velvet</em>

John Reynolds | BLUTOPIA

Starkwhite is pleased to launch John Reynolds new publication Blutopia at the gallery from 5pm on Friday the 19th of December. For this one night event the set of 60 works featured in the book will also be presented and available for purchase alongside the catalogue for $550 including framing. In keeping with earlier Reynolds’ John Reynolds | <em>BLUTOPIA</em>

Seung Yul Oh | memmem

31 October – 6 December 2014 Starkwhite is pleased to present Seung Yul Oh’s exhibition memmem from 1 – 29 November 2014. Following on from Oh’s recent large-scale survey show MOAMOA at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and the City Gallery Wellington, memmem shows Oh again working seamlessly across media, this time combining a suite of minimalist paintings with a cluster Seung Yul Oh | <em>memmem</em>

Gavin Hipkins | Erewhon

31 October – 29 November 2014 Erewhon: The Book of the Machines Starkwhite is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Gavin Hipkins. Realised in conjunction with the artist’s recently completed feature length essay film Erewhon, the exhibition features a new suite of photographs presented alongside a video calling on the key chapter The Book Gavin Hipkins | <em>Erewhon</em>

Rebecca Baumann | Once More With Feeling

19 September – 18 October 2014 Starkwhite is pleased to present Once More With Feeling an exhibition by Perth-based artist Rebecca Baumann from 20 September to 18 October, 2014. “There is something intensely joyous in Rebecca Baumann’s artworks, celebratory moments of colour and action and curious puzzles that can, intriguingly, never be solved,” says critic John Barrett-Leonard. Rebecca Baumann | <em>Once More With Feeling</em>

Clinton Watkins | lowercase

Starkwhite is pleased to present lowercase by Clinton Watkins from 19 April to 18 May 2016. lowercase is a collection of video works that explore notions of real world vs. virtual space via natural objects found in remote locations in New Zealand. The perpetual spinning of such objects seeks to offer a refrain from the Clinton Watkins | <em>lowercase</em>

Jin Jiangbo, Stella Brennan, Billy Apple, Trenton Garratt, Seung Yul Oh, John Reynolds, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, Jim Speers, Yuk King Tan and Wang Dawei | SIGNALS

08 August – 13 September 2014 Starkwhite is located in Auckland, a multi-cultural city with a rapidly changing demographic, where the mix of European, Maori and Pacific Island cultures is being enriched by new New Zealanders, notably from Asia. In 1991 little more than 5 percent of Aucklanders were Asian. In 2006, the figure was Jin Jiangbo, Stella Brennan, Billy Apple, Trenton Garratt, Seung Yul Oh, John Reynolds, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, Jim Speers, Yuk King Tan and Wang Dawei | <em>SIGNALS</em>

Whitney Bedford 2016 | Lost and Found

Starkwhite is delighted to present Lost and Found, a solo exhibition of new landscape paintings by Whitney Bedford, from 15 March to 14 April 2016.   Over the last several years Bedford has developed a deeply personal iconography. Her paintings, which she often describes as votives, are visual evocations of potent emotional and psychological states. Whitney Bedford 2016 | <em>Lost and Found</em>

Michael Zavros | Bad Dad

2 – 28 June 2014 Leading Australian artist Michael Zavros will exhibit for the first time with Starkwhite in Auckland in June 2014. While Zavros has exhibited previously in New Zealand at Auckland Artspace in 2005 (Uncanny (the unnaturally strange)), and at Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth in 2007 (New Nature), this will be his Michael Zavros | <em>Bad Dad</em>

Fiona Clark | For Pink Pussycat Club as part of THE BILL

20 February – 22 April 2016 Fiona Clark’s solo exhibition For Fantastic Carmen at Artspace focuses on her long-term investigation into the politics of gender and body image, with relation to a shifting understanding of both individual and communal identity. In a parallel exhibition within THE BILL programme, running February 20 – April 22, Artspace Fiona Clark | <em>For Pink Pussycat Club</em> as part of <em>THE BILL</em>

Alicia Frankovich | The Female has Undergone Several Manifestations

6 February – 5 March 2016 Starkwhite is delighted to present The Female has Undergone Several Manifestations by Berlin-based artist Alicia Frankovich, from 6 February to 5 March 2016. This is the artist’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. She will be present at the opening preview on Friday 5 February from 5.30 – 8pm. Alicia Frankovich | <em>The Female has Undergone Several Manifestations</em>

Fiona Pardington | The Popular Recreator

 11 – 23 December 2015 Fiona Pardington has created a new suite of photographs fired onto high quality ceramic plates, cups and saucers revisiting a technique she used in the early nineties. The works respond to the steel engravings illustrated in a rare encyclopaedic publication The Popular Recreator A Key To In-Door And Out-Door Amusements Vols. Fiona Pardington | <em>The Popular Recreator</em>

Gavin Hipkins | Block Paintings

4 November – 5 December 2015 Gavin Hipkins’ new series documents readymade children’s wooden play blocks that he has hand painted, and assembled on the studio table for photographing in close-up. The series explores a psychology where the artist turns child at play in the studio — embellishing toyshop play blocks in different colours than Gavin Hipkins | <em>Block Paintings</em>

Gordon Walters | Gouaches and a Painting from the 1950s

21 September – 24 October 2015 This exhibition has been curated for Starkwhite by Laurence Simmons, one of New Zealand’s foremost scholars on the work of pioneering abstract artist Gordon Walters. It is presented in partnership with the Walters Estate and with the support of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery where the Estate’s extensive holdings Gordon Walters | <em>Gouaches and a Painting from the 1950s</em>

Fiona Pardington | Childish Things

12 August – 19 September 2015 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. King James Bible “Authorised Version”, Cambridge Edition Childish Things is the first solo presentation of Fiona Pardington’s work Fiona Pardington | <em>Childish Things</em>

Rebecca Baumann, Brendan Van Hek, Alicia Frankovich, Len Lye, László Moholy-Nagy and Grant Stevens | In Motion

10 July – 8 August 2015 Starkwhite is pleased to present In Motion, an exhibition exploring various approaches to composing or choreographing color, motion and movement with works by Rebecca Baumann and Brendan Van Hek (AUS), Alicia Frankovich (DE), Len Lye (NZ), Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (US) and Grant Stevens (AUS). Rebecca Baumann and Brendan Van Hek both Rebecca Baumann, Brendan Van Hek, Alicia Frankovich, Len Lye, László Moholy-Nagy and Grant Stevens | <em>In Motion</em>

Laith McGregor | Somewhere Anywhere

2 June – 4 July 2015 Starkwhite is pleased to present Somewhere Anywhere by Melbourne-based artist Laith McGregor. Self-portraits and portraits of friends and family have been a re-occurring feature of Laith McGregor’s work, but he puts his own distinctive spin on portraiture. As writer Helen Hughes says in an article published in ARTAND: “What begins as Laith McGregor | <em>Somewhere Anywhere</em>

Laith McGregor | Swallow the Sun

Starkwhite is pleased to present Swallow the Sun by Laith McGregor from 1 October – 12 November 2016 During his recent travels in South East Asia, Laith McGregor has been exploring the conceptual foundations of portraiture, from primitive mark making through to contemporary practice, and the discourses surrounding it, while being immersed in various cultural Laith McGregor | <em>Swallow the Sun</em>

Matt Henry | Analogues

19 September – 14 October (upstairs gallery)  Starkwhite presents a suite of recent paintings by Matt Henry from 19 September to 14 October. Previously shown at Goya Curtain in Tokyo, these works appropriate specific graphic motifs found in the artist’s collection of video and audio media.  Using the anachronistic technology of painting Henry extracts memories Matt Henry | <em>Analogues</em>

Daniel Crooks | Vanishing Point

3 – 27 August Starkwhite is pleased to present Vanishing Point, by Daniel Crooks. The exhibition will premiere a new series of single channel works, which further investigate the artists’ interest in the convergence of time, trains and cinema. Concerned with multiple worlds and parallel realties, these new videos can be seen as an expansion Daniel Crooks | <em>Vanishing Point</em>

Alicia Frankovich, Ani O’Neill, The Estate of L Budd, et al. | 125

This exhibition, titled 125, includes work by Alicia Frankovich, Ani O’Neill, Estate of L Budd, et al. It has been co-conceived with artist Richard Maloy. The Estate of L Budd acknowledges the collaboration with Martin Poppelwell and et al. acknowledges the collaboration with PĀNiA Marama Inc. The inclusion of this exhibition in our 2018 programme Alicia Frankovich, Ani O’Neill, The Estate of L Budd, et al. | 125

Gavin Hipkins, Richard Maloy, Daniel von Sturmer | Material Candour

5-22 July 2016 Starkwhite is pleased to present Material Candour, a group show by Gavin Hipkins (NZ), Richard Maloy (NZ) and Daniel von Sturmer (AUS). The three installations in the exhibition foreground process as a core component of the works, not just the work behind the works. The measure of these pieces is a function Gavin Hipkins, Richard Maloy, Daniel von Sturmer | <em>Material Candour</em>