Art Hong Kong 2011

26-29 May 2011

This year Starkwhite will present a group show of artists at ART HK 11 including: Billy Apple (NZ), Whitney Bedford (US), Matt Henry (NZ), Jin Jiangbo (CN) Hye Rim Lee (KR/US), Jae Hoon Lee (KR/NZ), Seung Yul Oh (KR/NZ) and John Reynolds (NZ) 

John Reynolds’ Too Big to Fail is a further development of his ongoing work on the visual consideration of text but this time presented on LED screens, rather than in the artist’s hand on ready-made canvas blocks as with previous works presented at ART HK. The text streaming across the screens would present the language of the marketplace describing the global financial meltdown that left the world teetering on the brink of economic catastrophe, along with terms that we now associate with market freefall and recessionary economies – terms such as credit crunch, toxic assets, derivatives, zombie banks, quantitative easing, hedging, Ponzi scheme, moral hazard, fat-finger failure, dead cat bounce, stagflation, and so on. These streaming texts will be combined with other information  related to the social cost of the global recession – for instance the latest figures on forced home foreclosures, unemployment rates, suicide rates, etc and possibly also art market data such as the latest auction house sales results.

The group show also includes:

Shanghai-based artist Jin Jiangbo’s vast panoramic photographs that interrogate the tremendous economic, social and cultural upheaval that has taken place in China, focusing on focusing on recent work taking the Bund expo site as its subject matter.  

Large-format photographs from Korean artist Nye Rim Lee’s ongoing TOKI cyborg project which images TOKI as a warrior-cum-vixen drawing on the Japanese tradition of Manga, Korean Animax and western ideals of sexuality and beauty. 

And new works by Billy Apple, Whitney Bedford, Matt Henry, Peter Stichbury (Auckland NZ), and new works by two Korean-born NZ-based artists, Jae Hoon Lee and Seung Yul Oh.

The works presented will range across a variety of media – painting, sculpture, digitally-manipulated photography, video and text presented on LED screens. 

Located in New Zealand on Auckland’s Karangahape Road, Starkwhite presents a programme of artists’ projects, solo shows, independently curated exhibitions and occasional forays into new music and other interdisciplinary practices. Starkwhite also represents artists from New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific rim. 

For further information on the exhibition or images, please contact the gallery. 



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